Medicine Summer School

Medical Pathways Summer Programme

Course Outline

Module One - UCAS Focus

  • Why do you want to be a doctor?

  • Applying for medicine in the UK

  • Your personal statement

  • BMAT / UCAT Sessions

  • Ethics session (1 per week)

  • BMAT – the essay

  • BMAT exam with feedback

  • Interview skills workshops and feedback

  • Project presentation

    All the above will be led by NMSC teachers and NMSC Panel of Medical Expert Consultants.

Module Two - Medical Expert Focus

  • Mr Khan session – medical expert session – 2 hours

  • MMI interview practice workshop

  • Meet a 1st year medical student (former NMSC student)

  • Local GP come and talk

  • Live kidney donor talk

Module Three - Subject Focus

  • Chemistry sessions (NMSC Teacher)– Practical, experiment based pre-med focus

  • AI (NMSC Teacher) – AI in medicine

  • Biology sessions (NMSC Teacher) - Practical, experiment based pre-med focus

  • Workshop with Warwick University - Synthesis of paracetamol

  • Workshop with Warwick University - Spectroscopy in a suitcase workshop

Module Four - Medical Enrichment -Films for Discussion

  • DNA story Horizon

  • Awakenings ( Dr. Malcolm Sayer (Williams) who discovers that the medicine L-Dopa — commonly used by those suffering from Parkinson's disease — can also help patients suffering from encephalitis lethargica, a disease that takes over the brain and leaves patients in a catatonic state.)

  • Girl Interrupted (based on the 1993 memoir of Susanna Kaysen, which looks at her 18-month stay in a mental institution in the 1960s. The movie gives a very real and terrifying look at how mental illness was once treated. After watching it, you may be compelled to focus on how we talk about mental illness today, and what we can do to relieve the stigma.)
  • Something the Lord Made (focuses on the black cardiac doctor who broke racial barriers in medicine during the Depression Era)

BMAT and UCAT preparation assignments will be set as evening session work for students
Visits to London and Stratford will be included at weekends as well visits to places of interest with a medical focus including university medical school visits.

Cost of the program: 2900 GBP (including single room homestay or residency accommodation with ensuite bathroom located 10 minutes away from the College by school minibus and all meals)