Tourism & Hospitality Management Training Course in Tbilisi

Tourism and Hospitality Management Training Course in Tbilisi
Course will be held by Mr Carlos da Silva, lecturer at GLION Institute of Higher Education - leading Swiss Hospitality Management University.
Start date ⇔ 05/ 06/ 2017
Duration of the program 2 weeks.
Location Tbilisi and Cortyard Marriott Hotels
Address Rustaveli Ave. #13 / Freedom Square #4
Cost $1,100 USD
Registartion Deadline 10th of August, 2017
Age Limit 18 +
This program will be delivered during a period of two weeks for those who are interested in embracing the hospitality world, an economic sector showing continuous growth and expansion since many years and to which statistics are predicting a brilliant future.
The lecturing and training will run from Monday to Saturday (included) from 6 pm to 10 pm, to allow the working or studying participants to participate in all sessions fully.
Sunday and Monday will be focused on individual or group work related to the course material delivered.
The program is composed of the following topics:
Hospitality Trends
Key facts and trends of the global hospitality industry.
Most relevant concepts of daily operations within the industry.
The ever expanding and exciting event and entertainment industry.
The importance of late developments – the luxury segment.
► Working in a multicultural environment
International etiquette.
Group activities on multicultural situations.
Introduction to the Event and Entertainment Industry.
Events Concept and Design.
► Hotel concepts
The different types of hotels.
Hotel quality standards.
Core departments in a hotel.
Service excellence.
Customers Loyalty - concept & definition.
Environmental practices for the hotel Industry.
Innovative hotel concepts.
The new paradigm of modern hotel industry.
► Restaurant concepts
Restaurant concepts and distinctive types of service.
Restaurant organization and team and responsibilities.
The importance of menu design.
The attributes of restaurant staff.
Order- taking – POS (point of sales) management systems.
Table d’hôte service.
A la carte service.
Banquet organization and service.
Daily service organisation. 
The importance of feedback – debriefing.
Complaint management.
Carrying plates technique – competition.
The importance of Beverage in Food &Beverage.
Wine knowledge
The different types of wines.
Wine service.
The types of spirits.
The different bar styles. 
Bar set up and layout.
Cocktail preparation - mixing methods.
The practice of mixology.
► Kitchen Concepts
Kitchen team organization.
Hygiene and sanitation.
HACCP – Videos and discussion.
Cooking methods and preparation.
► The rooms division department (Rdiv)
The importance of Rooms Division department.
Front Office procedures.
Housekeeping department in a hotel.
► Basic notions of hotel management
HR practices in hotels.
Training and development.
The relevance of hotel accounting.
► Capstone project
Participants will work in groups to design a restaurant concept.
Menu concept and design.
The ordering goods procedure.
Hiring staff.
► Final session
Awarding ceremony for the best project.
Final gathering for a meal.

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