Farhad Ahadov

Farhad Ahadov - Spain: The Undergraduate of Business Administration in International Hotel Management in Les Roches Marbella. 

I would like to use this opportunity in order to thank Georgian Academic Abroad for helping me continuing my bachelor studies in one of the best hospitality and hotel management universities in the world. Their high skilled collage councilors guided me through the process of choosing the proper program, country and university. There I received professional advice and priceless help during the application process, I acquired detailed list of required documents to be prepared and sent to the university. Their friendly and managed team kept me in touch with university officials during the interviews and additional concerns. Apart from their help with university, Georgian Academic Abroad team put their effort into visa application until very last moment of visa result and my arrival to the final destination. Therefore I can truly recommend Georgian Academic Abroad as professional, experienced and skilled team to guide anyone through their future high education.